Ingrida Gelminauskiene on Achieving goals with doing less and being moreBusiness Consultant | Slow Life Enthusiast | Inspiring New Beginnings29 days ago
Managing large B2B teams in Lithuanian telecommunications company BITE, I made one discovery I want to share. By setting the same goals and specifying how exactly to speak and when to contact the customer, the results of sales managers differed radically. We then helped people identify the time of day when they themselves are most productive and can best manage attention. The results have greatly improved. We then allowed the scripts to be disregarded. And the results shot in to the sky. Conclusion: Smart time management and reasonable freedom is the fastest way to success. Be brave and flexible.

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Quite possibly - my favourite cookbook so far! If you want to start eating a more plant based diet, there is no need to think of haute cuisine or limit yourself to salad! Plenty of gorgeous ideas here and it ticks all my favourite boxes: 💃🏻 products are easy to find in local supermarkets 💃🏻 cooking is easy and quick, no super skills required 💃🏻 most importantly - DELICIOUS meals! Forget trying to eat more plant based foods - think EATING MORE DELICIOUS FOODS ;-) The author also keeps a cool blog if you care to try before you buy:

Justas JanauskasQoorious human
Any favorite veggie meal of yours?
Ben ScharfAuthor/Script Consultant21 days ago
Stop. Stop ignoring your gut feeling. Stop chasing the perfect version that you feel you need to be. Stop what you are doing. Breathe. Focus. What is it you really want? Who are you really? Start being more honest to yourself. Less shaping more exploring. Less „I need to“ more „Let‘s see what happens if“ Be brave and allow yourself to write the way you actually feel like writing.
Quite often we are good at starting new things: books, habits, hobbies, activities - you name it. But what about stopping? What is at least one thing you should stop doing in order to become a better person or achieve your goals?

Paulius TuzikasShaping better work environments
My short answer is...make that habit difficult/impossible or try replacing it with other activity. I highly recommend a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear if you would like to learn more about habits.
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