Ingrida Gelminauskiene on Wise Leader vs. Smart ManagerBusiness Consultant | Slow Life Enthusiast | Inspiring New Beginningsabout 1 month ago
I want to find a way out of the conflict between business owners and people working for pay. The first states that it is impossible to find good ones. Second, complain unloved and low rated. In my opinion, one of the most important aspects is CORPORATE CULTURE. It’s a work environment, relationships. I’ve seen companies in depressed cultures where even great products don’t help move from the point of death. The organization is sick when there is fear; people cannot make decisions without asking their leader; everything in the company is structured and scripted. What to do? You can start by talking to people about how they feel. Or allow them to work in three directions: 1. What annoys them, hindets work, and what you need to eliminate from the organization. 2. What is good and what needs to be strengthened. 3. What new things to bring to improve the work environment, relationships, mood. Let the team start from a brainstorming session, but at the end of the process they need to come with a list of 10 points for each direction. The most important task for CEO or Business Owner will be to accept the list and execute it. Challenges lie ahead, but overcoming them will bring positive change. For person’s satisfaction sometimes is more important to see that Boss cares about you, than a one-time bonus. This affects good financial results. This has been proven by companies with high culture many times.

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Povilas Petrauskas on Character of a LeaderExecutive coach helping leaders create great tribes13 days ago
When your passion is your identity. You know you have it and still your job is to express it.
Gabija Grušaitė on Managing your career as an artistAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta4 months ago
Why artists are poor? I have received quite a few talk requests here on Qoorio from young people aspiring to create. One of the most pressing question for young creative is the managment of time, since most juggle between jobs and projects trying to survive and practise art at the same time. There is no easy answer to this question as we are products of our society, shaped by shared values, public policies and peer pressure. This is an interesting interview exploring the subject of art funding, poverty among creators and public notion on what is good art.
Who gets to be an artist? An interview with cultural theorist Hans Abbing
Viktorija Malašauskaitė on Time managementI analyse, plan&talk about things a lot4 months ago
Okay. This Monday feels totally different. After 12 years of going to school, I said goodbye to it. Today is the first day when I am responsible for planning how to study efficiently alone. Personally, I think these steps allow me to be productive: ⭕️Tidy workplace ⭕️Set time (usually 25 min work 5 min break) ⭕️Quiet environment ⭕️Fresh air ⭕️A lot of water ⭕️Phone left in another room What are your hacks for learning?

Dominykas RimšaProduct & UX Designer
One trick I use is revisiting the stuff I need to learn/work on just before I go to sleep. Putting new things in your head right before you drowse off makes them stick better when you wake up. And it’s actually a scientific fact Oh and congrats on graduating!
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