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More being, less doing. It’s not only the phrase I tend to apply both in my professional as well as personal life, but also words that best describe my philosophy of Slow Living that combines my daily routine, my family, my job, my activities and my hobbies. More than that, it represents the lifestyle I’ve been seeking for years. Today I can proudly state that it has become a reality and will glad to share how to improve work-life balance in your life.
After more than 20 years in leading business positions (10+ of which were in CEO and Chairwoman of the Board roles), I am sure I have the capacity to share my extensive experience with the world by consulting businesses on strategic and various management-related questions and helping others grow. With my former experience as a team and company leader, I also can help entrepreneurs and founders in setting goals and achieving organizational leadership in the unpredictable environment we face today. Business consulting has been part of my professional life for 14 years.
My other passion includes empowering female entrepreneurs to take on business challenges and empowering them in their entrepreneurial journeys that are challenging but full of adventures.
I believe that great results in business can only be achieved with honesty and openness and these are the qualities I value in people the most.
Reach out for Business Consulting, Starting New Business, Leadership and Life-Work Balance Coaching.
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Reviews from humans who have met with Ingrida
Jovita Bingelytėabout 1 year ago
Gavau labai daug naudingos informacijos koncentruotai ir tiksliai ta tema, kuri mane domino. Ačiū Ingridai už nuoširdų savo žinių pasidalinimą ir patarimus toliau ieškant išgrynintų atsakymų :)
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Ingrida Gelminauskiene on Wise Leader vs. Smart ManagerBusiness Consultant | Slow Life Enthusiast | Inspiring New Beginnings4 days ago
When managing large B2B team in the telecommunications company Bitė, one regularity became clear. The attempt to set daily goals and keep people under control failed. Weekly goals were then set. The results improved significantly. But real success came when each team member received a monthly goal and absolute freedom. The test showed that if team members are both smart and reliable, they need to be given as much freedom as possible. Everyone has their good and bad days, habits. Sometimes a whole week can be fruitless, but a few hard days can bring an even better result than expected. I think long distance is more important in business. And a Leader needs a lot of patience and trust in people.

Lina LinkeviciuteTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional
Absolutely agree !!!
Ingrida Gelminauskiene on Achieving goals with doing less and being moreBusiness Consultant | Slow Life Enthusiast | Inspiring New Beginningsabout 1 month ago
Managing large B2B teams in Lithuanian telecommunications company BITE, I made one discovery I want to share. By setting the same goals and specifying how exactly to speak and when to contact the customer, the results of sales managers differed radically. We then helped people identify the time of day when they themselves are most productive and can best manage attention. The results have greatly improved. We then allowed the scripts to be disregarded. And the results shot in to the sky. Conclusion: Smart time management and reasonable freedom is the fastest way to success. Be brave and flexible.
Ingrida Gelminauskiene on Wise Leader vs. Smart ManagerBusiness Consultant | Slow Life Enthusiast | Inspiring New Beginningsabout 1 month ago
I want to find a way out of the conflict between business owners and people working for pay. The first states that it is impossible to find good ones. Second, complain unloved and low rated. In my opinion, one of the most important aspects is CORPORATE CULTURE. It’s a work environment, relationships. I’ve seen companies in depressed cultures where even great products don’t help move from the point of death. The organization is sick when there is fear; people cannot make decisions without asking their leader; everything in the company is structured and scripted. What to do? You can start by talking to people about how they feel. Or allow them to work in three directions: 1. What annoys them, hindets work, and what you need to eliminate from the organization. 2. What is good and what needs to be strengthened. 3. What new things to bring to improve the work environment, relationships, mood. Let the team start from a brainstorming session, but at the end of the process they need to come with a list of 10 points for each direction. The most important task for CEO or Business Owner will be to accept the list and execute it. Challenges lie ahead, but overcoming them will bring positive change. For person’s satisfaction sometimes is more important to see that Boss cares about you, than a one-time bonus. This affects good financial results. This has been proven by companies with high culture many times.
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