Urban photographer | Interdisciplinery artist
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am a law graduate, ex banker, who once decided to turn a career to a totally different direction - arts. Now people describe myself as a thoughtful explorer and attentive observer of a city. But I simply am a curious mind who uses photographic medium primarily as a tool for learning about and relating to my own environments. My photographic works are best known for the signature aesthetic precision, vibrant colours and highly systemic and analytic approach to compositions.

I have already been acknowledged in the international field of fine art photography. I had 20 shows, including festivals, solo and group exhibitions across Europe. I was a finalist in various photography competitions, including CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year, Photolux, and Gregory Crewdson „The Uncanny”. In 2018 my artworks were acquired by Lewben Art Foundation, the owner of one of the most prestigious collections of Contemporary Art in Lithuania.
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