eSports nerd.
Kaunas, Lithuania
Hey everyone,

Im here to talk ESPORTS. Exploring almost every game competitive, following every franchise as viewer, experiecing esports at it BEST. Been playing since age of 2009, organizing tournaments in all EU since 2014.

My experience:

→ Helped to organized BETA LAN CSGO CUP 2015
→ GameON 2016 CSGO CUP Head Admin right hand
→ VIKO EIF SA CS:GO CUP - organizator
→ VIKO EIF SA LoL CUP - organizator
→ INFOSHOW 1v1CSGO CUP - coordinator
→ Faceit technical support 2016-04-20 - 2016-06-25
→ BetaLan 2018 CS:GO Cup - coordinator
→ Omega LAN 2018 CS:GO Cup - coordinator
→ Infoshow 2019 CS:GO Cup - coordinator
→ BEL SEASON 2 CS:GO LEAGUE - coordinator
→ Infoshow 2020 Coordinator
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