Fashion Social Worker
London, UK
I am a patriotic emigrant. After working as a journalist in Lithuania for over 6 years, I fled to London - to follow my passion for fashion industry. This has led me to embark on MA studies of Fashion Journalism. So, there I was at 27: slightly anxious, yet highly driven to open somewhat secretive doors of the industry. Still an MA student I started working as a recruiter in a boutique fashion agency operating in the luxury industry. There I spent 3 years unravelling the intricate secret sauce(s) of fashion business. Subsequently I launched fashion consultancy and business support agency "Fashion Bloc" for emerging New European designers (remember - patriotic emigrant). We work with upcoming fashion brands and entrepreneurs, helping to define their brand positioning and growth opportunities, specialising in fair trade, sustainable production & circle economy. In addition to this, I'm also one of the faces behind Fashion Business Institute (Mados verslo institutas) - an informal profesional education project for fashion entrepreneurs.

I’m also available for a coffe in Vilnius (when I’m visiting).
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