Photographer / Fashion Blogger / Content Creator / Stylist
Vilnius, Lithuania
- Photography and Media Arts graduate in the Academy of Fine Arts
- Portrait and fashion photographer at
- Personal Style blogger at
- Stylist at Diggy Style Studios in Milan (2017-2018)

A photographer, stylist, fashion blogger, content creator - I might be a perfect example of a so called Slash Generation. Some people say that one should concentrate on achieving one career/goal at a time, but then again - I like to keep things vibrant. So I created a life that’s spanning around fashion, art, travel and other random things.

Everything what I do stands on three main pillars and as long as I take care of all of them, my life is in a perfect order. Well, perfect to me.

is the base that was always substantial to me. The way you feel directly affects the level of productivity and the results you manage to achieve. That is why I prioritize quality sleep, that is why I like to wake up at 5 am, go for daily walks, so on and so forth. Let’s meet for a morning walk and discuss it further.

Never let go your creative inner child. Imagination helps you out a lot daily, no matter if you are a lawyer, a barista or an actual artist. How to think and how to be creative is something I can help you out with. There is a slight chance (87%) that I will inspire and motivate you and a chat over a cup of coffee is perfect for that.

has a much wider scope than most of us think and it is extremely important for a healthy mind. When you say the word love, all the corresponding feelings like compassion, gratitude, sympathy etc. get included automatically. So it is not a recipe for being a saint. It is simply a prescription to being a human. And creating the life you LOVE to live.

I am no guru, but I believe in a constant growth and I have figured out quite a few things in this life already. Apart from that, I am a professional in what I do. Connect with me here, or say hi at [email protected]
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10% donated to Lithuanian Children's Cancer Association "Paguoda"
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30 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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1 h

5 am walk + talk + stretch & breath
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30 min

Quick portrait session
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