Traveler, adventurer, rare tea collector, tour leader and organizer.
Vilnius, Lithuania
In 2004 I have graduated Comparative Asia studies in Vilnius University. My main studies were Chinese language and culture, Buddhism and Asian religions, Asian art etc.

After graduation I've started working as a tour leader and organizer in Lithuanian tour operator Avanturas. My tour organizing and leading experience is over 15 years. All these years while traveling in China I was exploring Chinese tea culture. Going to the birth places of the famous Chinese teas, meeting tea farmers and Tea Masters. I've started collecting rare and exceptional Chinese teas. Tea is strong nootropic and it can change your state of mind.

In 2010 I've done my Master in Contemporary Asian studies. My main research topic is spread of prebuddhist Tibetan tradition Yungdrung Bon in the West. Since 2008 I'm Yungdrung Bon Dzogchen practitioner.

My topics:
Adventures. Travel. Strange destinations like Tibet, Kamchatka, Ethiopia, Patagonia etc.

Rare exceptional Chinese tea. Handpicked directly from producers and collectors in China.

Yungdrung Bon tradition and Dzogchen.

Mindfulness in handicrafts and creativity.

Intercultural experience.

Sustainable travel.
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50% donated to Kauno hospiso namai
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30 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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2 h

Lecture on Chinese tea with degustations
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2 h

Rare Chinese Teas
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3 h

Creativity workshop
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30 min

Sustainable travel advices
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Lecture on Tibet or Tibetan religions
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