Copywriter & marketer
London, UK
Lavazza, Inc. 5000 listed companies and multiple zero-to-hero brands across Europe. I’m the copywriter & marketer mix behind them.

Nice to meet you. My name is Haroldas Pakalniskis.

CEOs, CMOs, and ambitious start-up founders trust me to come up with attention-grabbing branding ideas & out-of-the-ordinary marketing concepts for their beloved businesses.

You could say my job here is written salesmanship - I use words to increase the sales of your products.

I’ve been shaping the way brands communicate for more or less four years by now. I’ve written billboards. I’ve helped five figure brands launch and market a six figure product. I’ve done gigs for companies that have worked for Nike, PayPal and Venmo.

So, if you’re interested in meeting a hired gun for marketing, shoot me a message, I’m eager to meet you.
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20% donated to SOS gyvūnai, VšĮ
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1 h

Ask me about writing pretty words over coffee
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45 min

Review your marketing strategy over breakfast
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1 h

Have an audit of your copy over lunch with me
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2 h

Discuss how we can create a story for your brand
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4 h

See how we can improve your landing page copy
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