Traveller and Social Media Manager
London, UK
A keen traveller, book lover and cake eater, I have been visiting new countries since childhood. Having visited multiple historic towns and cities throughout the Mediterranean, my love of travel really formed when flicking through holiday brochures in a travel agent when I was 9. We were there to book a holiday to Disney World in Florida but I was completely captured by the pages of hotels and white sand beaches at the back of the brochure.

At university I studied Geography and Tourism, after graduating my first trip was 6 weeks in South East Asia where for the first time I experienced truly different cultures.

My first graduate job was with an African safari company before starting work at Kuoni Travel, one of the UK’s leading tour operators in luxury travel.

After successfully growing two travel accounts on Instagram I was lucky enough to quit my job and start travelling full time, firstly round the UK, then Europe, and now often further afield.
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