Creative director & designer, idea generator, innovation enthusiast
Kaunas, Lithuania
I am fascinated by the idea of creating things and designs that bring value to people and businesses. I feel responsible to do as much as I can to make the world a better place visually. My professional experience includes working with magazines and various print projects, UI/UX research and design projects, branding & rebranding, managing & creating creative projects, strategies and teams.

I can advise how to become a designer or at least great visual communication player, how to hire a designer. Would be glad to discuss and share experiences about some psychological moments of creative jobs, inexhaustable creativity, remote jobs, digigal-nomading, freelancing, self-motivation.

I’ve visited lots of this field dedicated events, courses, would be glad to share, brainstorm or visit an event with like-minded people. Self improvement, emotional health, meditation, understanding yourself and others, neuromarketing, neuroadvertising, perfumery, traveling and more are the topics besides design and creativity I have some knowledge & experience to share.
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20% donated to Penkta koja, VšĮ
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1 h

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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2 h

Visit local exhibition or any other event
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1 h

I would love to go for a walk!
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1 h

Professional consultation for specific question
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4 h

Add me as creative side for your project
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1 h

Visiting international event together
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