lightworker, reiki healer, yoga teacher, writer
Kaunas, Lithuania

Basically just a fairy finding my way around this galaxy, helping people & learning about it all along the way.

Fascinated by everything that is pure and raw; energy, real connection, consciousness - meditative state.

Astrology, reiki & crystal healing.
Intuitive card messages and moon manifestations. Deep yoga practice on and off the mat.

Taking all that I have learned from my beloved teachers in India & other places around the globe and trying to inspire others to lead a more open / conscious life.

Let’s connect and hold the space together 🔮🧘🏽‍♀️
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5% donated to Save the Children Lithuania
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1 h

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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30 min

Astrology- birth chart reading
Reviews from humans who have met with Greta
Bruna Coimbraabout 1 year ago
It was a great reading, felt very connected 🌟 an amazing human!
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