Can think of anything, can organize everything
Kaunas, Lithuania
I know what it takes to think of something great. I spent my last 3 years of thinking and implementing ideas in work culture, spreading company vibe and letting people to feel what is like to come to work that doesn't feel like it (well, except that part that they need to do actual work).

If you need to be on track and have schedule that suits you - I know how to plan things that real things would happen. I organize events by myself starting from scenario writting and ending with implementation. The legend says that I can do job for the team of 6. Sounds unbelievable? Yes, but it's true.

That's my spirit animal and it pretty much sums up everything. For the past 2 years I'm working with internal communications and trying to keep positive mood up. I know how to construct a message, and I know that your communication won't be trusted unless it's honest. If need help - listen "Here I am, this is me" by Brian Adams, and YES, write me, otherwise it's not much help.

I love to explore new exhibitions and read about art SAME as I love to discover old and brand new advertising styles and powerful messages. Can I help you with that? Probably no, but it's always nice to have someone to talk about things that you are interested in. Also, there's a slight (83%) chance, that I will inspire you.

Yes, I thought it will be possible to write it later. I was 100% WRONG (added later -->) until I found that I need to verify my ID card. You see, everything can change in a minute.
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5% donated to Penkta koja, VšĮ
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45 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee ☕
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Creative project 🦜
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Talks (and walks) about communication 📢
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