(Pediatric) Cancer Biologist | PhD student | Volunteer | LINO18 Alumna
Heidelberg, Germany
I graduated with MSc Cancer biology from Heidelberg University where I am currently finishing my PhD. I am specializing in childhood brain cancers and looking for a clinically achievable treatment. I am affiliated with one of the best childhood cancer centers in the world, Hopp children tumor centre Heidelberg.

Due to the fact that I am currently working with cancer treatments adjusted for a specific genetic tumor background, I am very involved in personalized medicine development and clinical trials. In addition, I was selected to take part in the panel discussion at Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2018 to talk about this topic with other scientists including a Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover.

Working in science you appreciate any free time you can get (since there is not much of it). Then I enjoy volunteering in sports or science events and organizing conferences. Recently I lead a team organizing internationally acclaimed PhD student conference at German Cancer Research Centre.

I graduated with BSc in Genetics at Vilnius University and after that I left to study for my MSc in Germany. Also, I have studied and done internships in Gothenburg and Stockholm (one of the best biomedical centers in the world, Karolinska Institute). After finishing my PhD studies I am planning to work as a post-doctoral researcher in the United States.
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