Gintare, what advice would you give for women that has just started or decided to start their journey towards tech world?
Asked by Laura Cibulskyte
Hi Laura, Don’t stop after first few N(ext) O(pportunity)! Do it your way, be true to your self, use your super-woman power! Enjoy the process and surround yourself with supportive people. Be curios and ask questions! Tech world is very wide, explore it and you will find your best match there! Good luck!

Laura CibulskytePeople person
Thank you Gintare Morkunaite for sharing! Definitely inspiring!;)
10 days ago
Gintare MorkunaiteProject Manager
Laura Cibulskyte we can have coffee and stroll around Vilnius Old Town :)
10 days ago

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Algimantas Časas on Is your idea worth exploring?Founder at sustainable watch bands www.someloops.com3 months ago
Why you should share your ideas with as many people as possible? When you came up with an idea you came with it from your own perspective. Closed environment is challenging for an idea to be as competitive as possible with good go to market strategy. Having feedback about it from as many people as possible (preferably live conversations) is good though game to check or adapt that idea before even starting to test the market. I do believe idea is as important as execution. After gathering feedback you will be able gather feedback on: - weather you communicate it clearly - problem haven't been solved in other way - does the problem exists - what is most lean approach in validating it - after what point it can be profitable - do you have time and persistence to develop it - what partners could be good for it - what is your core motivation in pursuing it You will save lot of time and effort making it the most efficient way possible by gathering knowledge from other people. Should you be afraid of sharing your idea then just start doing it and you will figure out the rest later.

Algimantas ČasasFounder at sustainable watch bands
Yes, telling your idea to someone let's you understand it through other point of views and makes it more refined and doable 👍🏻 Looking forward!
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