Part-time traveller, part-time volunteer
Kaunas, Lithuania
Whatever it is I'm doing - I try to do it wholeheartedly, bringing a splash of light and love into every little action that I take. My life after school as well as the path of studies is slightly different from the rest: upon high school graduation I realized I was not 100% sure of the further direction I want to take. So I took a gap year. To use it wisely, I decided to completely step out of my comfort zone and off I went to the unknown land of Australia. There, I probably tried every single possible unqualified job under the sun: from washing cars and toilets to making beds and serving food, but it made me realize a plethora of things, among which one is the most important: the happiness we're all seeking is here and now. After such 8 illuminating months I've came back and started studying a double major: Catholic Theology & Public Communication, which I'm still tackling at the moment. You can also find me @ Jaunimo kelionės, where I'm happily advising young souls and seeing them off to Work and Travel USA adventures of their lifes!


From choosing to study theology to taking a year off after highschool, in order to explore myself and the world a little - I'd love to share my experience of how to do things that matter to you, even when no one else understands.


From volunteering at Caritas to Kaunas Solitary Confinement - I'd be happy to tell you what I've learned and gained. Spoiler alert: it's a lot more than I've given.


I've been in situations where I'm on the other side of the globe, with $3 dollars in my bank account, due to purchasing a substantial amount of plane tickets the day before and a barely existing plan of how am I to return home. Let me kill any bias you may cherish that travelling requires a lot of money. It certainly doesn't - let's browse plane tickets together!
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