Curious being chasing new horizons to expand my life experience.
Antibes, France
Most definitely a business guy with aspirations of being a serial entrepreneur. I have spent over a decade involved in business activities in some form or another but mostly as a business development Jedi.

Fascinated by the human minds capacity to create innovative, well designed and functional products. I reckon I have some valuable ideas worth pursuing and intend to do so when I am ready.

With a newfound love for the discipline of product management I have started learning and building the foundation for a new career and am ready to take a leap of faith.

On a deeper noteI believe I am a spiritual being, just like you, having a human experience and I chose to incarnate here to build a better world by realising my highest potential as a human. We all are threads of one giant tapestry, interwoven and connected. I strive to become the leader I need to be so that I can create massive positive impact and leave the world a better place than when I arrived.
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