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London, UK
What else can you get out of the one life you live? This question has been driving me for as long as I can think back. I understand what it takes to become crystal clear on goals and achieve them by using a whole array of tools, from time management, productivity, and efficiency to life planning, goal setting, and motivation – and I want to share my knowledge with YOU.

As I have always been blessed with a natural skill of successfully attracting and managing a multitude of projects at the same time, I have developed proven strategies to transform yourself and your life.

The first life I transformed was my own: After one Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees and dedicating more than a decade of studies and work to molecular biology, cancer research, and science, I realized that working in a lab or a regular 9to5 job would never fulfill me.

This revelation started a new journey - as an entrepreneur. I completely transformed myself and my life step by step from student and scientist to entrepreneur, creator, and coach, from unhappy and discontent person to a ray of hope and role model for many others.

It does not matter if you’re dissatisfied with certain parts of your life or if you’re looking for support to reach the next level. Let me help you unlock what’s holding YOU back and guide you while you learn to structure and plan YOUR life better.

The tools I use help you first create the solid foundation necessary for profound change and then build up to help you achieve life-changing transformations.

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