Lietuvių ir prancūzų kalbų mokytoja, užkietėjusi tvarkdarė | Language tutor
Vilnius, Lithuania

Esu daugybės socialinių projektų, iniciatyvų organizatorė, kalbų korepetitorė ir entuziastinga atsikratymo nereikalingais daiktais propaguotoja, studijuoju lingvistiką ir filosofiją Oksforde. Kaip man visa tai pavyksta? Prieš ketverius metus priėmiau vieną geriausių savo sprendimų - gyventi be socialinių tinklų.

I am fascinated by the power of words as I feel that the ability to speak is one of the greatest gifts that we possess. I am an award-winning poetry writer and winner of the annual Lithuanian philosophy contest. Isn't it beautiful how we can express our subtle emotions and delicate feelings through words? Isn't it spectacular that I can connect with you through my writing?

By studying linguistics, I try to answer various questions about human behavior and how it is connected to different languages.

Linguistics and philosophy are two closely related disciplines that help us understand the complexity of human beings. I am eager to understand every aspect of the linguistic influence on people and share my knowledge with the rest of the world.

After finishing school, I have traveled to France, where I volunteered at the retirement home, taking care of the social life of elders and learning French. I do believe that we should never refuse to help people who need that help at the moment.

It was always my dream to enroll in philosophy and linguistics course at the University of Oxford. It was not easy to take a leap of faith and drop out of my studies in Lithuania, but I did it.

My goal is to come back home after my studies at the University of Oxford and apply my experience here, as a philosophy and linguistics course is currently non-existent in Lithuania. I believe that we all should devote our skills and talents to help Lithuania grow. And that's when we will grow together.
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Lengviau | Atsisveikink su nereikalingais daiktais
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Ekskursija po Oksfordą | Tour in Oxford
Reviews from humans who have met with Gabrielė
Rūta Dapkūnaitė
11 months ago
Was nice talking with you! Good luck with your research interests, studies and teaching!
Gabija Grušaitė
11 months ago
Great talking to Gabrielė. She seems to be a very capable and bright young woman.
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