Turning ideas into inspiring stories
Vilnius, Lithuania
Spinning in eternal circle of words, ideas and action. Combining experience in NGOs, business and extensive studies of political science and media. Following where my curiosity leads.

*Master of political science
*More than 10 years of experience in NGOs
*Specializing in communication and corporate affairs
Topic is a subject you can talk about with Gabrielė Bubokaitė-Jevtušenkė.
Talk options
Choose how you’d like to meet Gabrielė and arrange your talk.
HeartCreated with Sketch.
50% donated to Sidabrinė Linija
CupCreated with Sketch.
30 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
LoudspeakerCreated with Sketch.
1 h

Discussing why you should get involved in politics
Ligt bulbCreated with Sketch.
45 min

Debate any (political) topic
Fork and knifeCreated with Sketch.
1.5 h

Italian dinner and discussion
MuseumCreated with Sketch.
45 min

Consulting your NGO
MicCreated with Sketch.
2 h

Workshop/ discussion at your NGO
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