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I've grown up writing stories, studying how to improve my storytelling skills and enhance my fantasy and imagination. Reading classics made me wonder about mankind: we share and search for life and emotions.

So I've put my skills in videogame industries: the best stories are the ones you can live with your own fantasy.
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Gabriel A. VuotoGame Designer & Storyteller2 days ago
Which games are masterpieces in storytelling would you say and why?
Asked by Rūta Simanaitytė
Thank you for the question, Rūta! Since the beginning of my experience and my studies, i was attracted by games with a great story to tell. There are surely many ways to appreciate a game (so many genres, so many ways to enjoy): there would be immersion even in a game where storytelling is marginal. Even for me. But, as time passed by, game designers evolved and games with them. I could tell, for example, the Oddworld saga (Abe's Odyssey/Exodus), or the Legacy of Kain series (I loved Soul Reaver). The real masterpiece came with the designer Hidetaka Miyazaki (From Software), who created the Souls Series. He started with Demon's Souls, and mastered the formula with his future games Dark Souls, BloodBorne and Sekiro. As an RPG, Dark Souls is the very first game which created an immersive enviroment: everything in this game tells about a tale; is a silent storytelling. As you play, the enviroment tells you what happened in the realm; every piece of armor, weapon or consumable have a short description that give you a bit of comprehension of the world (the rest is left to your imagination or intuition). With music, the games communicate with your sense of emotion; the level design is a large and complicated map in which you navigate just with your sense of orientation. You can have the very perception of a victory over a powerful enemy. It is a strategic swordplay, you win with just your ability (there are thousands of players who finished the game without taking even one level up). Sorry for the long post, just one last thing: everything in Dark Souls is tied with an emotion; and this emotion is Melancholy. A good game is immersive because it is tied with a universal emotion: the more transcendental is, the more you like it. Even if you don't know why.

Gabriel A. VuotoGame Designer & Storyteller
Thank you so much. Have fun! Pro-tip: play it alone.
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Gabriel A. VuotoGame Designer & Storyteller5 days ago
I love Naples, and I've never been there. There's a slogan, here in Italy, that says:"You see Naples, then you die". And that's the truth. Naples is a city in the city: it's like a metaphysical concept of homeland, in which you can really enter after leaving everything behind. It's culture is so vast, it could really appear like and infinite web of streets. Everything in Naples is magic. I can feel it in my dreams.
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I. He came from Hyberborea, without a name. In his way, it's said, with long steps he stumbled on a star. He took and take care of it: every day, he washed and rubbed it, until it's shell started to crack slowly and, while breaking, thunder and lighting flowed off it. Full of wonder and fear, the man ghater to pray and cried all night long. In the next few days, the man praised blessings upon his house and his good fortune, silently praying every hour in the morning. Every day was a patient wait for the night, for him, as the star came back to life and it's light was heavenly. As the time passed by, the man learned to sleep during the morning to stay awake at night: since then, he passed his evenings wandering through villages, strolling in countrysides and all of those dark, scary places for whom doesn't have a star in the pocket. People heard him approaching, because of a certain tinkle the star did when he took it out, like and eastern bell; seeing the light flooating here and there, all of the children calmed and everyone found peace in sleep, in which they dreamed dreams beyond their imagination. Generations passed away, centuries spent: everybody knew there was a man with a star, who brought wonder into the night. But no one knew who he was anymore.
Gabriel A. VuotoGame Designer & Storyteller7 days ago
A good story is not over when you read the last page; it goes on even if you don't know what happens next. I choose to tell my stories in few pages tales: short stories can give you a panoramic view, plays with time and space and dominate over the linear laws of the storytelling. I often imagine Lovecraft reading Lord Dunsany at night, alone, whispering:"Oh my God!"
Gabriel A. VuotoGame Designer & Storyteller8 days ago
My characters have often no names. They all are searching for something, somehow lost; maybe memories, their own pieces of mind, or a forgotten love. Melancholy is a universal feeling. We all have lost something, and we're looking forward to it. Do you suffer it? Do you still feel nostalgic about something never happened? Mine is a city with no name, where time is lost and convoluted. This is the root of my stories.
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