Founder at Ramunėlė Rehab
Vilnius, Lithuania

ADDICTION IS A FAMILY DISEASE: Each addict affects 6-8 close relatives.

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection. Addiction occurs on a continuum i.e. mild, moderate, severe. Boundaries/limits are blurred – moment of truth is a moment of fact. Many addicts look ‘normal’, they are still ‘functioning’.
•Addiction has many components: biological, psychological, spiritual, social etc.
•Addictions are not always just symptoms, it’s causes/ histories behind them.

The unhealthy pattern of adaptation with the addict’s disease is called co-dependency. Some of the common symptoms:
•Obsession with the addict
•Attempts to control
•Hope /Wishful thinking: “if only”
•Enabling/care taking/guilt
•Unable to hold the addict accountable
•No or limited healthy boundaries
•Give money, time, energy
•Unable to say “no”
•Poor self-care
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