Certified ThetaHealing® practitioner, Meditation & Chakras Healing
Vilnius, Lithuania
Passionate about growing spiritually by expanding my consciousness. Living followed by the heart. Actively working with limiting beliefs to empower and inspire.

What is ThetaHealing ?

ThetaHealing is an efficient method, which combining science and spirituality, seeks to define and immediately transform deep blocks, negative believes and traumatic experiences, residing in subconsciousness.

Believe miracles, manifest your dreams !
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10% donated to Lithuanian Children's Cancer Association "Paguoda"
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1 h

Meditacija manifestacijai
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Make the impossible - possible!
Reviews from humans who have met with Gabija
Tomas Labuckas
over 1 year ago
Puikiai padeda nusiraminti ir įsiklausyti savęs. Karštą vasaros dieną - įpila šalto vandens ❤️
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