US charts stocks study.
21047 Saronno, VA, Italy
I Iike American stocks... and their possible forecast. it is my passion! I prefer study charts in Nasdaq and Otc market (medium and small capital factory: tech, biotech, medical and cannabis sectors).
If you are interested to know a forecast about possible next new direction of the stock, I will send the chart study in your email with add my personal opinon. They are not suggestions, only opinions based on historical stock movements and old experience.
Invest only the sum that you could lose, but if you believe that a stock is interesting and you believe it, it is better to take a look at the charts and its possible developments. No I can read the future! I don't know if tomorrow there will be positive or negative news but from the historical movement of a title a possible future movement can be drawn. Charts have been my passion from 30 years and I can give advice ... just a tip.
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