Pharmacist, Chinese Metaphysics & Health
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’m a pharmacist & chinese metaphysics (Bazi, Qimen, Feng shui) practitioner. I am mostly passionate in helping people solving problems such as health and personal problems. Although my speciality is always been health and career / business problems. I’m very passionate about physical and emotional health. I believe that every in life, there will always be a lesson to learn no matter what path we lead. And if we opt to move away from the lessons, it will always lead to a certain emotional blockage leading to physical health. Having the advantage of understanding western medicine , Chinese medicine and holistic care - I started TCM centre intergrating east and west
Now, I use a lot of BaZi to help others understand the reason why they get block / unable to achieve a certain goals. And one aspect is the emotional and health aspect. Ever wonder why when you achieve what you want by still not happy or enough? Well ... talk me if you want to know more about chinese metaphysics and health
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Ezra Mitchell6 months ago
Was a great chat with Esther. She's very knowledgeable and passionte about her area of expertise. She even introduced me to a new healing modality I had never heard of before. I look forward to talking more about our shared passions.
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Esther Chook on Self Mastery & Personal developmentPharmacist, Chinese Metaphysics & HealthSome time ago
To achieve great success in your career, we first need to master ourselves. And the first thing we all need achieve is self leadership in order to master ourselves. However, we are all different beings and we operate differently. Find out which style of operation brings the best leadership in you ☝🏻
5 Types of Leadership Style Using BaZi - Which are you?

Esther Chook on Create your own destiny blueprintPharmacist, Chinese Metaphysics & HealthSome time ago
Are you making progress towards rhe goala that you want to achive? Or are you constantly caught up on a treadmill of history? Maybe many times you know that something is not right, but youre just not sure. How many times , and effort that you have wated on repeating the same old mistakes. And what is the right step that you could have taken to achieve your goals? What if I tell you, that we have a tool that you can tap on to help you to empower yourself to make better decision in life? Keen? You can claim them for free now. Its personalize :)

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