Entrepreneur, human rights activists, lover of.....
Vilnius, Lithuania
Dare to be yourself
Life is both long and short. It takes courage to be yourself, to seek and achieve your true desire in life I can share "brave" and will share with you the why it's worthwhile taking the steps towards your true self.

I'm a political refugee who's gone through the path of impossible, dangerous, devastating path to my joyous life today. Went through PTSD not even knowing what it was. I can share my experience of becoming an outspoken advocate for refugee and how it enriched my life.
I believe your circumstances in a certain stage of your life shouldn't limit you from reaching your potential.

What is that? People ask me Lithuania? Why? It must be difficult for you?

That makes me smile all the time, the reason? Because it's not about the people, the weather, the country or the culture but the relationship I build and keep. This can be a savoir, ask me I can share my secret of feeling at home anywhere in the world, away from home.

Entrepreneurship, philosophy of love and happiness, relationship, children, cultural differences and shock, becoming a part of the whole, finding your purpose in life, feminism, marriage, politics, travel, children, friendship, football and more could also be subject of discussion.
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