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Vilnius, Lithuania
There is a saying that nowadays one can have 5 different successful careers in one lifetime, and my personal experience proves this to be a very accurate statement.

After studying econometrics, working in the financial (trading currencies), art (having a gallery and curating artists), private sectors (running companies in LT and Indonesia), MBA studies, I’ve decided to start my own business(es), fashion and design oriented:

- (leading preloved fashion marketplace in Balkan countries),
- (fashion and design bazaar of the best local designers)
and last but not least - (timeless leather and jewellery pieces).

Everything I do comes back to the principle of slow and mindful attitude to fashion, attentive, very open and strategic thinking towards developing business.

I am passionate about getting things done, overcoming barriers, developing strategies and… motorcycling. We can discuss your business ideas, be it fashion, IT or any other, talk about life and work balance or have a chat about Indonesia while walking my dog (2 kg chihuahua Frida).
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30% donated to Jaunimo linija, VšĮ
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