Communications guy and future president of Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania
I have been working as a writer and tech reviewer since I was 13, but I wanted something even more challenging. So, for the past few years, I've been improving my PR skills: reading books, trying new techniques and tools.

Now my PR agency collaborates with quite a few large clients, like Topo centras,, Open Circle Capital, Traidenis, etc. And I'm not only writing articles but also creating relationships with customers, I'm making people believe in what my clients do.

I chose PR because I love puzzles. There's nothing more entertaining than understanding people and changing their view by making bold decisions. Do you want to bond with your customers? Do you want to learn more about PR? Maybe you want to explore financial markets (I'm not an expert on that yet, but I know a few things)? Or you want to talk about politics? Writing? Social media? Technology? Education? Write me a message then!
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