Digital Heritage Expert MSc, eDiplo
Larissa, Greece
I am an innovative spirit, seeking to find solutions in a participatory design mode. I easily combine and produce new ideas which can create an impact to the global cultural pathways in cyber physical straits. I am a passionate scientist and I believe only knowledgeable scientific approaches can make life in Earth an ideal environment. Just talk to me or message me to share the rich Greek know-how. I am also a supporter of European Union ideals and I volunteer to save wild animals or rare plants and ecosystems in Europe, in Greece and worldwide. I respect global biodiversity and I am ready to protect and to evolve it.
My education combines Culture, Information and Communication Systems, System Science, Educational Technology and eDiplomacy, MSc, BS/DIPL-Inf. (4 years) both in Cultural Informatics and Communication, University of The Aegean, Greece.
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