Businessperson | InteriorDesigner |Candle Maker |Etsy Seller | Enterpreneur
Bishop's Stortford CM23, UK
I am an Interior designer who is passionate with organic Candles. I have been working for 11 years and 2 years ago I have decided to make my own candles due environmental concerns. I have started to get tutorials online and made tests for more than 4 months. After all branding and testings, I have launched my very own brand.
I have a small business and selling my products online (both in my website and on Etsy). Afterawhile due to the increasing demand, I have started to give tutorials online who wants to sell on Etsy.

I wish someone talked to me and summerise all those info before :) Therefore I will be more than happy if I can help someone else.

I am native in Turkish, so if you would like to talk in Turkish just let me know.
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