Music / Psychology / Yoga
Vilnius, Lithuania
Šiandien grįždama nuo jūros pagalvojau - noriu būt labiau pasiekiama. Ir kaip profesionalė - tuose plačiuose kontekstuose, kuriuose turiu laimės būti ir žinoti/dalintis. Ir kaip devotee - pasitarnauti kiekvienam, kuriam reikia pagalbos. Ir kaip žmogus - sakanti atvirtesnį taip susitikimams ir nekabinetiniams pokalbių formatams.

I am a singer, composer and a professional psychologist. Since those two fields of magic and beauty (music) and knowledge about self (psychology) merge one into one another in my inner realm, this opens more subtle and intuitive ways of healing/creating/working with people and their creative potential. I was always searching and learning to do my part (as a musician and a therapist) within the truly balanced systems of philosophy - where values of love, purity, compassion, truth, service and growth would be always present. I love to work and serve people in the way that would enable us to reach our deep, loving self and blissful self. Thats where the yoga (bhakti yoga) for me comes as the connecting all. So whenever there is a wish and a desire to see further than the field of psychology - i would love to share my greatest wealth that i was given - rich and valuable knowledge about bhakti yoga and beautiful dharmic principles - all that would help you in your career, relationships and your personal - spiritual paths.

Would love to serve you and guide you or help you in any way i can. Either guiding towards your deeper layers, either helping to find the answers or the most balanced way to live the life fulliest. Either just share whatever comes to the present moment. :))
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