Egle Dapkeviciute on Surfing in Lithuaniacreator of l seeker of creativity and deeper understanding
Edited 3 months ago
SURFING IN LITHUANIA Yes, we do have waves in Lithuania. And yes, it's a very good place to start learning or improve your surfing skills. Sharing some useful information: The place >> Melnragė To check forecast >> Facebook groups & pages to follow: Lithuania surf >> Surf Style LT >> Spotas >> Banglente >> Podcast about waves (in LT) >> There are few spots in Melnrage where you can rent a surfboard and a wetsuit or take a surf lesson. (Antanas Jakutis photo)

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Aivaras Bakanauskas on Surfing in Baltic Sea?Graphic - Branding Designer / In Love With Surfing4 months ago
Why paddle from Vilnius to Nida? It took 6 nights to get from Capital of Lithuania to one of the most beautiful parts of Lithuania - Nida. Backstory: Two good buddies are sitting in a party and discussing best trips of all time. Suddenly one of them offers to go kayaking. They both hype up and decide that half a year from now, they will go kayaking. But where? Of course they are too ambitious to go swim in boring lakes. They decide that paddling to Nida would be an awesome idea. Week before the trip: “Haha, are we seriously going to the trip?” “Of course! No more questions.” That’s it. Thats the only single conversation before starting to pack all the gear and making sure all of the documents are checked. Most painful experience: Well. It rained a lot one day. I mean hell of a lot. All of the clothes were soaked, the sleeping bag contained two glasses of cold water which even made it better.:) We had to sleep in soaked hammocks, obviously, it’s not the best idea. From 6 hours of sleep I only remember sleeping 30 minutes. That’s it. It was such a terrifying experience, I swear I thought, that I might get hypothermia. However, we survived the night and continued our journey. Best lesson: Well, hearing about the horrible night you might think that I became grateful for my warm sheets back in Vilnius. Yes, for a fact, I did, but surely that wasn’t the best lesson. While having to sit in the same kayak for a week with my friend, I spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming, which lead me to this conclusion - SOMETIMES you need to shut-up and be quiet. For real. Don’t bother talking and just enjoy the silence. That’s what i still regularly do in Vilnius - between work and sleep I spend some time in quiet. Just thinking and dreaming. However, we all learn different things, so if you want to hear more about my trips - hit me up! Would love to share more stories❤️

Dominykas RimšaProduct & UX Designer
Hey Jurgis, sounds like an awesome experience! Maybe you have your route set in google maps or somewhere else and could share it?
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