freelance anime artist
Minsk, Belarus
Multi-style artist 💜💙💛
Drawing #bnhaoc & commissions
💫 Commission info & socials
Talk options
Choose how you’d like to meet Marya and arrange your talk.
Movie cameraCreated with Sketch.
30 min

YCH Colored (Video Call)
EnvelopeCreated with Sketch.
15 min

YCH Colored (Chat)
Speech bubbleCreated with Sketch.
30 min

Instant Messaging
BrushCreated with Sketch.
1 h

Character creation (live stream)
Reviews from humans who have met with Marya
Ami K
about 2 months ago
Things went great! Marya and I are in completely different time zones, but she made the time to connect with me and I really appreciated the effort she gave!
Hoshi no Destiny
2 months ago
Marya is extremely polite and available to give help, her answers were clear and insightful.
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