Inline skater, snowboarder, web designer, nomad, husband. 🌟
KlaipÄ—da, Lithuania
I used to be scared of heights, but then I took one step and the fear was gone. Usually that's all it takes - one step. And it's not just about the fear of heights, it's about life. It will be the hardest, most nerve-wracking, full of doubt and hesitation step you will ever take. Some may never take this step, lucky few will take in an instant without even giving it a second thought. But for most of us it will be hard. All those big life decisions: should I start my own business, should I take a gap year and travel, etc. Or even some simpler ones: should I finally start running, should I quit smoking, etc. It all takes guts and commitment. Of course it gets easier with time, once we are wiser, more mindful, present and in tune with our inner selves. The journey of life is all about getting there. Good luck with yours.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, that one step was out of an open airplane door, about 3000m high.
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