#TheWorkAesthete: Author | Coach in: Purpose | Career | Leadership |
Brighton, UK
As 90% of the people I meet are stuck in jobs they have no connection with, I'm on a mission to get more people into #greatwork and dynamic livelihoods. So more people contribute good to the knit of society!

Be that employed, freelance or entrepreneurial livelihoods.
As 'The Work Aesthete' my purpose is sparking creators of good and lionizing #WorkAsthetes; those on-purpose authentics devoted to the 'delight-filled fusion of fabric, function, form and flow'©

As time-proven Purpose, Leadership & Career Coach, Talent Consultant, Customer Service Trainer & Facilitator, I coach-consult organisations in aligning their people with the strategic goals detailed in the Business Plan.

The flip-side of which is helping workers/freelancers/employees tune-in to their personal attributes by developing a deep sense of purpose resulting from codifying their occupational DNA and delivering value.

I am very excited to announce that I am currently working on a prototype corporate card game where I believe I have worked-out 'the meaning of life'!

Yep, you heard correctly. My life's work has been to decipher the age-old question of 'why we are here and what we are to do with our lives?' My card game and soon to be app, will demystify the conundrum and unlock so much human potential. Imagine the impact if I am only part-right in my hypothesis?

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