Consultant, professional board member & motivational speaker
Vilnius, Lithuania
I’m a management consultant and professional board member with over 10 years of experience in consulting as well as proven record of getting things done as CEO, COO, entrepreneur and board member. Public speaking is my professional passion. Mentoring is my form of giving back as well as investment into a better future.

I first became in charge of running an organization at the age of just 23, then it happened again at 26 and also at 29 & 31. I had a pleasure of leading companies that are leaders in their respective markets in Lithuania (CIVITTA; Švaros broliai) or are of national strategic importance (Lithuanian airports).

I know how to take responsibility and deliver results. I was responsible for the successful execution of the project of temporarily transferring the main airport of Lithuania from Vilnius to Kaunas in the year 2017. Project like this has never been done before (anywhere)! That is how I think and act – anything is possible. It just depends on how hard you work.

Entrepreneurship is in the blood for me. I have started successful businesses before and I’m always looking to get involved in developing new ventures. I’m all about ambition and growth!

A lot of impact can be done from the Board; thus, Board membership is – and will be – an integral part of my career going forward.

I’ve given hundreds of speeches and keynotes. Public speaking is a form of art as well as a source of great inspiration for me. I talk from experience and motivate through my high energy & passion.

Education is of great importance to me. I hold a bachelor's degree in finance from Vilnius university as well as an MBA from ISM Executive school & BI Norwegian business school. I’m a graduate of the Professional board member education programme from BICG and a certified Project management professional at PMI
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