Co-founder at Billo
Kaunas, Lithuania

I'm a fan of nonfiction. I like to learn and chalange myself and what's "normal".

You are what you eat. You eat food and information.

I'm a big fan of habits. They are crucial in our lives. Hacked myself into picking up a few good ones and eliminated a few bad ones. The results are amazing and anyone can do it.

I also like:
- cooking
- travelling
- gym, squash
- making music
- games (Fifa20 anyone?)

Some things I did before:
- Fencing sabre
- Camino Santiago (The Northern route)
- Made a lot of public speeches

I don't like:
- 24\7 sceptics and people bragging how everything is bad and it's everyone else's fault.
- Horror films or dramas. (They contribute to messing up your emotions)
- People being late
- Silkė :D

I'm a Co-founder at Billo.
Billo is a platform for brands to transform existing consumers into brand advocates.

Brands use Billo to ask their users to complete tasks and receive rewards for video content, used for ads and social media, product feedback and reviews, employee engagement and more.

Work focus:
- sales and business development
- fundraising
- networking

Additional info:
- Former CBDO of Unboxed
- Former CEO of KTU Startup Space
- Former organizer of TEDxKaunas
- Former advisor to Minister/MP
- Started career in sales
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Reviews from humans who have met with Donatas
Augustas Čepas12 months ago
Highly recommend meeting with Donatas. He has interesting approach how habits makes us who we are. Discussion drastically changed my vision about habits. Maybe it will shift yours too.
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