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Macro-thinker & business adventurer
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Vilnius, Lithuania
Having grown up in a highly contextualised restaurant business environment, I’ve always cultivated a spark of entrepreneurship (generously fused with a sense of unabashed curiosity) within me.

In order to veraciously employ the afore-amentioned spark, I’ve chose to analyse the field of philosophy for my bachelor’s degree. In following years I temporarily got immersed in the world of politics, yet the context/insight - rich business world kept calling, and I eventually gave in.
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50% donated to Renkuosi mokyti
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30 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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1 h

Discussion over breakfast or lunch
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3 h

A long talk on a way to / from Palanga
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2 h

Together watch our own basketball team playing
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3 h

Participate in the strategy session
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1 h

Get my perspective & insights on your idea
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1 h

A conversation at your event
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