Making Food Great Again, Co-founder of Keulė Rūkė & Turgus 2.0
Vilnius, Lithuania

As I was graduating with a history major from Paris-Sorbonne University, I've discovered the world of gastronomy, which has more or less spun my world around. I dropped my master's studies at Sorbonne for a job a the bar & eventually went from combining flavours in cocktails to combining flavours in meals. This has led me to opening such high quality fast-food chains as „Keulė Rūkė“ & „Šiaurės Keulė“ as well as my latest endeavour - Turgus 2.0, which combines exceptional food and local community. The more recent two are mostly known for their tongue in cheek approach to business, which permeates every single aspect: from the name of the restaurants to social media communication, and even the exterior of some of my facilities (yes, I'm talking about the notorious Trump/Putin mural here, which has gone viral all over the internet). As a result, not only both of my restaurants have reached a certain acclaim from a like-minded crowd, but it dare to say - also established a refreshingly ingenious course of direction for hospitality businesses here in Lithuania.
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