A contemporary coach in a field of health & spirituality | Marketer
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am a Woman sharing her experience, skills and gained knowledge through coaching, spiritual poetry writing, branding & marketing collaborations, event organizing and such spiritual practices as meditation, family constellations and color therapy.

The topics I work most often are:
- femininity
- self-realization
- relationship
- illness as an emotion

Being a representative of a congenital heart disease warriors, I share a metaphysical experience to our physical bodies upon any mental/emotional/physical illness.
Topic is a subject you can talk about with Dominika Peldžiūtė.
Talk options
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1 h

Coaching Session
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30 min

Ask me anything over a cup of matcha
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1 h

Marketing/Branding Session
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1 h

Holistic & Conscious private event organization
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