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AI strategist | Software entrepreneur | Executive @ Satalia
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I am currently an executive at Satalia, where I primarily focus on operations and product development. I co-founded a software development house DataDog in 2012, and served as a CEO until Satalia acquired Datadog in 2019.

I wear two hats - one as a geek and one as an entrepreneur. I have been involved in tech space since 2004, first as a developer and later as a hands-on manager, combining business development with a technical approach, data science and UX.

Alongside my day role, I advise and help businesses cut through hype and determine where AI can be introduced and embedded successfully, advocate for explainable and ethical AI and share my musings as industry speaker and blogger.
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15% donated to Jaunimo linija, VšĮ
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1.5 h

Ask me anything over lunch
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30 min

Coffee break
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Pick my brain on tech / business / human behavior
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45 min

Keynote: AI & digital transformation
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1.5 h

Keynote: future of AI in your industry
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