Student. Sports enthusiast. Proud Lithunian. Pro at listening to podcasts.
Vilnius, Lithuania

I have a huge crush on the game of football. It was passed along from my dad. Supporter of Manchester United. Deeply interested in the English Premier League and Fantasy Football.

I have been playing basketball from a very early age. It is a true passion of mine. I watch every game I can no matter what the league is. Nba. Euroleague. Or U-18 European Championship. I am interested in all of it.

I’m a student of International Business at Vilnius University. Former exchange student at Worcester Umiversity. Really passionate about my field of education and always working towards personal improvement.

JRE. TFATK. TCOWHN. TPW. Congratulations. Tim Ferris. And many more. My spare time is my podcast time.
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