Sustainability expert, storytelling adept, expat & traveller
Vilnius, Lithuania
I’m an expert in sustainability with 10 years of compound experience as a researcher, university lecturer, autor & speaker with international outreach, and mentor to green startups. I’m also a member of international NGOs for environment protection.

Another area of my expertise is storytelling. I’ve organized and participated in over 50 conferences, festivals, seminars, performances, workshops and webinars on storytelling internationally. And tbh I still can’t get enough. If you want to discover the art of storytelling with me, let’s get on this journey together! Everyone’s got a story to tell. What’s yours?

🌍 I speak 6 languages and have been to 40+ countries from South Korea 🇰🇷 to Kosovo 🇽🇰 and more. I run Vilnius expat community and I’m living an expat life for the past 10 years (UA, US, DE, LT). Feel free to reach out on anything related to language, culture, business and traveling abroad. Relocation can be stressless and joyful but it takes the experience...that luckily I acquired through years. I might have the right advice or contact for you.
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