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Performance artist, dancer, filmmaker, actor
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Vilnius, Lithuania
I'm known for my work with legendary film-maker Jonas Mekas and Lithuanian director Sarunas Bartas.

My current project is called 10:01 DANCE STORY
Itis a dance video diary that was inspired by legendary film-maker Jonas Mekas and his 365 Days Project.

I’ve realised that the most important instrument and the source of creation for me is my own body. A painter uses a brush, a musician – a violin. My only intent is to focus on a creation of beauty in action.

I plan to film and release 1001 videos of myself dancing in different location. I’ll then release one video per day – 1001 will take a total of 3 years.

Follow: @kolomyckis @1001dancestory
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100% donated to Kauno hospiso namai
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