Head Chef at Amandus, restaurateur
Vilnius, Lithuania
Food, cooking and its lifestyle, service and the way I’m doing it, is the key of my way to guests!

My personal career journey proves that effort and perseverance pays off. Big time.

My journey with the restaurant business started at 19, when I started working as a dishwasher, far away from home, in the breezy Denmark. Fast forward three years to the future, I am the founder of my very own restaurant „Lauro Lapas”, which became a hit in no time. After that followed my second debut of „Bistro 1Dublis”, and soon after that another culinary outlet - „Dublis”.
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Let's talk about food over dinner
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Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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Cook dinner with me (including products)
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Let's go food shopping
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Perfect home kitchen organizing (coffee, lunch)
Reviews from humans who have met with Deivydas
Deivydas has lots of interesting future plans for his business and I really appreciate his thinking about not only implementing those tremendous ideas, but also doing it the right way from the beginning! Hope to work together in the prompt future.
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