Make money in any business, i did starts in your head
Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, CA, USA
I've always been number one in everything I've done. Even as a child, my small business afforded me to purchase my first Porsche at the age of 15. I joined the military at 17, I dropped out of college my third year because college had nothing to offer me. My college professor did not build a business but I have and at age of 22 I owned a home and my college professor did not. I have always been honest. I've been in commercial real estate, residential real estate, and loans. I've owned insurance companies as a hobby, I've rebuilt classsic cars, I've also managed and owned property management companies and other small companies. At the age of 45, I stopped running my own companies, and opened a business consulting firm- which has led me to great many different venues. But one thing stays the same- you always must innovate to survive change. The probl Iem with most business owners, students, government officials , they're too close to the problem, and unable to affect change in their working system.
Note, #1) When we first speak, tell me what is your system, plan, or goal as it pertains to you within the first minute we speak.
#2) They don't teach any of this in college.
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