Antique/Collectible Business Consultant, founder of NUMIZMAT.LT
Vilnius, Lithuania

Helping collectors grow their businesses through insightful market information, strategic business planning and implementation.
When you're emotionally (or financially) invested in a business, it can be hard see things clearly. You may have a portfolio of collectibles or know about antiques, but be unsure on how to scale the business.
My personal experiences of starting and running businesses - both successes and failures - have equipped me with a unique perspective. Over the past twenty years, I've applied the lessons I learned when working with a variety of clients in various industries.
During the consultation you can expect to receive:
a. Insightful information about investing in collectibles;
b. Comprehensive business plan and financial projections;
c. Information that will help you decide what to invest in;
d. Information that will protect your funds from loss by purchasing worthless and overpriced items;
e. Information on where to purchase collectibles;
f. Answers to any of your questions about investing in collectibles.
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