Online sales Director
I do strongly believe that with algorithms we can build a compmetely authomated world, but we will never succeed in real progress, which is led by human insinct, passion and unexplicable ability of giving new horizons for the future.

I am in love with sailing, with my girlfriend and i have a beautiful job in sales and grocery general managament. Than love brought me to match the most "traditional" and old-world business, paper, to the world of e-commerce by leading a brand new shop that only sells online paper products, Frab's.

I am challenging everyday the balance between investments, financial stuff and resources and the necessity to boost sales as essential breath for every company.
Yourself and the ability to put your person in your business is behind real success and economic profit.

When you get in a restaurant and nobody smiles is the first reson why it will fail without the owner understands why.

I am here to discuss with you what can be improves in your company or startup with a competent eye in b2c and ecommerce sales.
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5% donated to Empty brain resort
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Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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Sailing with me
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Video call
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Visit a museum in Europe with me
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