Vilnius, Lithuania

Sincere Cook
I’m a dedicated hospitality professional, who’s main values in hospitality is guest experience and attention to detail.
Through my time in the industry I’ve learnt to appreciate the ingredient and the guest instead of my own ego, which translates into expressing and amplifying the original flavors of the product and looking at the dish through guest perspective and simplicity, while still making it worth the experience, with main concept of “What can I take away from the dish and still make it work”.
Also I like to focus on the hospitality communities and gather up hospitality professionals for charity events, which shows an example that it’s possible to make a change/impact on something we care by gathering our experience and working together as a team.
So far I’ve organized 2 charity “More Than Brunch” events to help raise money for Oncological Kids Clinic here in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Huge fan of sincerity in people and cooking.
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