deja vu experience 2.0
Innsbruck, Austria
I am an Artist and I appreciate all of it!!
I am also an technican, I have a degree in civil engineering and a Diplom which took me also a long time to study...

Be yourself relax bring yourself into a mindset so it will clear up your creativity..
silent is not always the answer to such a topic, prepare your self to a higher being, connect to the higher self pronounce everything clearly that will do it
spent time with your friends and family if you can, propably it will change some day into a realy pleasurable life which challenges you with great attetude to a real being of higher self
great is whom which perculiare brings a lot of effort to it, is it like yin yang or like a Flower of life which connects almost everything to one point..
great is whom which encounters the self...
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